My CV.

My research focuses on developing fine-grained analyses of concepts and conceptual connections using the tools of philosophical logic. Within philosophical logic, my main areas of interest are proof theory, paradoxes, relevant logics, and modal logics.


  • "Identity in Mares-Goldblatt models for quantified relevant logic, (accepted) Journal of Philosophical Logic.
  • "Revisiting Semilattice Semantics", (forthcoming) Alasdair Urquhart on Nonclassical and Algebraic Logic and Complexity of Proofs, edited by Ivo Duntsch and Edwin Mares, in the series Outstanding Contributions to Logic. Springer.
  • "Proofs and Models in Naive Property Theory: A Response to Hartry Field's 'Properties, Propositions and Conditionals'", (co-authored with Rohan French and Greg Restall ) Australasian Philosophical Review (forthcoming) Submitted version
  • "Actual issues for relevant logics", Ergo 7(8) (2020). 10.3998/ergo.12405314.0007.008 Published pdf (open access)
  • "Translations between linear and tree natural deduction systems for relevant logics", Review of Symbolic Logic (forthcoming)
  • "Tracking reasons with extensions of relevant logics", Logic Journal of the IGPL 27(4) 2019, 543–569 doi:10.1093/jigpal/jzz018 Published pdf (free)
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  • "Proof Theory for Functional Modal Logic," Studia Logica 106(1): 49–84 2018, Springer. doi:10.1007/s11225-017-9725-0.
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  • "Intersubstitutivity Principles and the Generalization Function of Truth,” (co-authored with Anil Gupta) Synthese, 195(3): 1065–1075 2018, Springer. doi: 10.1007/s11229-017-1318-y.
  • "The Relevant Logic E and Some Close Neighbours: A Reinterpretation," (co-authored with Ed Mares) The IfColog Journal of Logics and their Applications (4:3) 2017, 695–730. Special Issue: Proceedings of the Third Workshop, 16-17 May 2016, Edmonton, Canada, edited by Katalin Bimbó and J. Michael Dunn. Open access pdf. Published pdf.
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  • "Conditionals in Theories of Truth," (co-authored with Anil Gupta) Journal of Philosophical Logic 46(1) 2017, pp. 27--63. doi:10.1007/s10992-015-9393-3 Pre-print pdf.
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  • "Solovay-type theorems for circular definitions," Review of Symbolic Logic (2015) 8(3): 467–487 doi:10.1017/S1755020314000458 Pre-print pdf.

Conference proceedings

  • "Non-Triviality Done Proof-Theoretically,"' (co-authored with Rohan French) Logic, Rationality, and Interaction: 6th International Workshop, LORI 2017, Sapporo, Japan, September 11-14, 2017, Proceedings, eds. Alexandru Baltag, Jeremy Seligman and Tomoyuki Yamada, pp. 438--450. Springer: Berlin, Heidelberg. doi:10.1007/978-3-662-55665-8_30
  • "What Is Wrong with the Tarskian Theory of Truth?" The Logica Yearbook 2010, Michael Peliš (ed), pp. 269-281, College Publications.
  • "Philosophical Aspects of Display Logic," The Logica Yearbook 2009, Michael Peliš (ed), pp. 283–296, College Publications.

Reviews and introductions

  • "Guest Editors' Introduction," (co-authored with Riccardo Bruni) Journal of Philosophical Logic, special issue for the 25th anniversary of the publication of Revision Theory of Truth (forthcoming). doi: 10.1007/s10992-018-9478-x Open access pdf.
  • Review of Stewart Shapiro’s Varieties of Logic, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. Published html.
  • Review of Leon Horsten’s The Tarskian Turn, Philosophical Review (2013) 122(1): 144-147; doi:10.1215/00318108-1728795.